Changes Coming Soon

To everyone who supports our work,

We are so thankful for all the orders and support. Due to an increased demand for custom projects we will be restructuring our website into a gallery and all sales will need to be done personally by a call or through email. The nature of the work and the amount of time and detail that each order takes, we have decided a more personal approach works the best. We are a small family team not a huge business!

As always if you have an immediate need for a coffin please reach out, if we do not have one on hand we will do everything we can to meet your need. We thank all of our customers and friends for their patience and understanding in this area. We do not know the time or place so we need always be preparing!

For our bookstore customers who order small items nothing will change, just email us the quantity that you need and we will send you a direct invoice.

We hope this is not an inconvenience, please reach out to us for any questions and concerns. We always appreciate feedback as well!

John and Photina Kiser

All Merciful Savior Wood Shop


We are an Orthodox Christian husband and wife seeking to work out our Salvation with fear and trembling. We home school our six children and work quietly in peace in our small wood shop. To God be the glory!

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